Libra Esva Released

Lecco, 15/07/2011

Libra Esva 2.5 has it’s first update!esvapack

Here it comes the new Libra Esva minor release version

BUG Fixes

  • Quarantine shows clean emails even if not stored into quarantine
  • LDAP default MSAD domain not saved.
  • Add to whitelist from message details not working
  • License user count error without Recipient Verification Active
  • Whitelist & blacklist email field lenght too short
  • Alias field lenght too short
  • Import Backlist imports into whitelists
  • Change digest report release address to orinignal message recipient insted of quarantine recipient
  • Color coded messages error (MCP displayed as green)
  • Trusted network change causes impossible future changes to some parameters.


  • Blocked message report now is filtered out for block reason (RBL, SPF, etc)
  • Multiselect extended to WhiteLists/BlackLists