Libraesva ESG On-Premise Virtual Appliance

Libraesva ESG On-Premise Virtual Appliance is a full business email security solution, including the operating system, multi-layerl analysis engine and a complete administration environment.

Ready to be deployed with certified images on your own VMware, Hyper-V or Citrix Xen Server Hypervisor!

Technical Specifications

  • Award winning technology with 99,99% Spam Catch rate & near to zero False Positives
  • Detects potentially dangerous contents
  • Multi layered analysis engine
  • Custom pattern filtering rules to block or accept messages based on filter rules applied to messages subject, header or body
  • Public RBL Checks
  • Exclusive Local RBL feature
  • SMTP Rejects and Delivery Information reporting
  • Implements heuristic techniques including Bayesian filters
  • Multiple Antivirus Support, including Clamav, Avira and BitDefender
  • Image analysis (OCR)
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra
  • Allows for multiple domains, multiple user levels and multiple administrators
  • Fully automated updating, including antivirus, anti spam and anti-phishing rules
  • Plug and Play solution, up and running in 15 minutes
  • SMTP Policy Quotas
  • URLSand Sanbox for malicious URL
  • QuickSand Sandbox for attachments filtering
  • Threats Analysis Portal

End User Spam Management

Libraesva ESG End User Quarantine Management, is available for:

Apple IOS

Google Android

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

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