Can you prove the integrity of your emails in court?

Prove the integrity of your emails in court with secure email archiving

Email evidence can be vital to resolving disputes and legal proceedings – make sure your records can be authenticated and you can prove the integrity of your emails in court.

As part of everyday business documentation, email records should always be complete and accessible. There may also be occasions when you need to be able to demonstrate their authenticity, especially in the event of a legal challenge.

This is where Libraesva Email Archiver emerges as a powerful ally: securely storing all emails, enabling rapid search and retrieval, and proving crucial email authenticity and integrity.

PDF output with technical data

One of the key features of the Libraesva Email Archiver is its ability to produce emails in PDF format, complete with a header containing essential technical data. This header serves as a digital fingerprint, capturing details such as metadata, timestamps, and other relevant information that can be crucial in establishing the authenticity of the email.

QR code verification

Taking email authenticity to the next level, Libraesva incorporates security QR codes in the PDFs it generates. Judges and legal experts can scan the QR code to access a wealth of technical details to check the email’s authenticity and origin and verify its integrity. This additional layer of security minimizes the likelihood of challenges from the opposing party.

Proactively anticipating technical analysis

By providing a comprehensive and verifiable record, Libraesva empowers your legal professionals to present irrefutable evidence, leaving little room for doubt or dispute. In the event of a judge-appointed technical analysis, the generated PDFs serve as a solid foundation that will stand up to scrutiny, as the embedded technical data and QR codes offer a transparent and traceable record of the email’s journey. This proactive approach aligns with legal procedures, ensuring that the court has the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

Supporting your team to prove the integrity of your emails in court

Through these authentication measures, the Libraesva Email Archiver affirms your credibility and validates your emails, so that there can be complete confidence in their reliability as a valid form of evidence. By embracing this innovative archiving solution, you can enable your legal team to navigate the complexities of email evidence with confidence.

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