Libra Esva for Office 365

With Office 365, Microsoft is offering a very affordable email hosting service that includes a lot of added tools. Most customers seem happy with the email hosting part. As for the built-in Anti-Spam, there appears to be room for improvement. Office 365 comes with EOP (Exchange On-line Protection) built-in. EOP is Microsoft’s generic Anti-Spam engine and sadly it has completely replaced FOPE (Frontbridge Online Protection for Exchange). Libra Esva for Office 365 fills this gap, offering the best email security solution perfectly fitted with Microsoft Office 365 environment.

A dedicated email security solution like Libra ESVA will provide a comprehensive set of enterprise security features, using multiple AV scanning services, advanced spam protection, unique URL and document sandboxing, heuristic scanning and reputation checks to protect users from advanced threats such as Phishing, Whaling, PDFs with embedded links or javascript and more.

Office 365 Anti-Spam Shortcomings

  • Centralized Spam Quarantine is not enabled by default.
  • It is impossible to release several emails from the quarantine simultaneously.
  • Anti-Spam Engine based on secrete “bad words” and reputation data.
  • Digest Report must be enabled for all users or none.
  • Office 365 quarantine can display a maximum of 500 messages.
  • Message tracking for a message more that 7 days old is submitted as a download request.
  • Undeliverable messages for both inbound and outbound traffic will bounce after only 48 hours

Technical Specifications

  • Pre-Configured by Libra Esva experts
  • Dedicated Cloud Virtual Appliance, not shared with anyone else
  • Seamless authentication with Office 365
  • Centralized Spam Quarantine
  • Comprehensive Email Reports, with live tracking functions
  • Award winning technology with 99,99% Spam Catch rate & near to zero False Positives
  • Detects potentially dangerous contents
  • Multi layered analysis engine
  • Custom pattern filtering rules to block or accept messages based on filter rules applied to messages subject, header or body
  • Public RBL Checks
  • Exclusive Local RBL feature
  • SMTP Rejects and Delivery Information reporting
  • Implements heuristic techniques including Bayesian filters
  • Multiple Antivirus Support, including Clamav, Avira and BitDefender
  • Image analysis (OCR)
  • Allows for multiple domains, multiple user levels and multiple administrators
  • Fully automated updating, including antivirus, anti spam and anti-phishing rules
  • SMTP Policy Quotas
  • URLSand Sandbox for dangerous URL
  • QuickSand Sandbox for attachments filtering
  • Threats Analysis Portal

End User Spam Management

Libra Esva End User Quarantine Management, is available for:

Apple IOS

Google Android

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

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