Libraesva Email Email Archiver 21.03 is now available! 

All features and improvements are included as standard with all versions of Libraesva Email Archiver, unless stated otherwise. 

You have to approve the update directly for your Email Archiver > Settings > System > General and then approve the update.

Below is an overview of the changes that comes with the Libraesva Email Archiver 21.03 release. 

  • Reporting on each tenant will be available in Excel format.
  • You will be able to see a complete overview of a tenant’s usage in terms of the number of emails and space in use.
  • Graphs can be used to identify and predict the future growth of tenants; this will enable you to plan resourcing appropriately.


  • Native Zimbra Connector.
  • Ability to archive emails directly, no need for any plug-ins.

  M365 Delegated Access

  • Ability to delegate a Microsoft 365 user to access one or more mailboxes which they are not assigned to.
  • Use Case: Access to the emails of another user in case of annual leave or shared mailboxes.
  • Complete security and GDPR compliance are still guaranteed using this method, without the need to share credentials.
  • All delegate activity will be logged and tracked using the Libraesva Email Archiver Audit Log.


  • Ability to attribute the correct tenant for all Journaling emails coming from the same IP.
  • You will be able to accomplish this by using the association of ‘Source IP’ + ‘Sender Domain’.