Libra Esva has been one of the best security solutions of 2016!

Ransomware is set to become an even worse problem in 2017. Choose Libra Esva to ensure your communications!


Relative to the last Virus Bulletin blog article, many experts believe that ransomware is set to become an even worse problem in 2017 than it was in 2016.

A test of security products, performed in November/December 2016, showed that at least 199 out of every 200 emails with a malicious attachment were blocked by email security solutions (or spam filters).

The test was run over a 19-days period, during which different malicious spam campaigns were seen, with the typical attachment being a malware downloader that would most likely have led to ransomware.

The test, which was part of VBSpam series, also looked at how well solutions blocked spam in general and how well they managed to avoid false positives.

Libra Esva positioned itsfelf as one of the six email security solutions that reached the standard required to earn a VBSpam+ award and confirmed itself as one of the best solutions of the year!