Libra Esva: confirmed Antispam Solution of the Year!

We proudly announce that Libraesva, the Italian company that develops and provides advanced e-mail security solutions, has won the Computing Secutiry Awards as best Antispam Solution of the Year, for the third year in a row!


We would like to thank all our supporters for voting the gateway ESVA for its high performance in protecting and analyzing the information contained in corporate networks, among the many data security solutions.  

The UK contest came in two parts. There were first round nominations, from which 6 to 8 finalists from each category were selected. Once finalists had been announced, the real and serious voting began in the final ceremony which took place in London on October 13th 2016.

During this important night, ESVA was declared the best Antispam Solution of 2016. Despite being up against some larger competitors, Libraesva was able to emerge on top in the IT world once again, demonstrating its strength and excellence in the decrease of cyber-attacks in corporate communications and its easy integration. 

Above all, we are most grateful to our big customer base who opted for ESVA for another year, proving that often smaller and less well-known companies can win!