Why it’s important to test your email security

The significance of email communication in the modern business world cannot be overstated – hundreds of email messages are sent and received daily by even the smallest companies, containing confidential and personal information such as clients’ data, competitive advantages, financial data or just private information.

The global shift to remotely working culture due to the COVID-19 pandemic has empowered cybercriminals to launch highly sophisticated cyberattacks. Moreover, ransomware, phishing, BEC attacks, etc. are amongst the most common types of data breaches that we have witnessed this year, till now.

Over the years, attackers have looked for new ways to gain access to an organization’s network. Years ago, it was SQL Injection attacks. More recently the industry has been plagued with remote desktop-based attacks. But throughout the years, one attack vector has remained near or at the top of the list: email.

According to a study done by Radicati Group in 2020, there will be more than 4.2 billion email users by the start of 2022. Bringing it closer, it means that about half the entire planet uses email right now!

So it’s no surprise that email is still the number one attack vector also in 2020. That’s why it’s important to test your email security. And you will be impressed by how many different ways there are to steal personal information or install malware with an email message: attachments, links, scripts, tracking bugs, macro enabled Office documents, macro-less ones, PDFs or viruses, just to mention a few.

Many IT security professionals assume their email security is performing reasonably enough, until a user reports that he has received a phishing email or when their Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution alerts that your network has been breached.

If you are among the lucky minority that hasn’t seen an attack recently, don’t assume that your email security is just fine because an attack has not been discovered, or just because you have an email security solution in place: test it!

We at Libraesva, developed a free, exclusive Email Security Tester (https://emailsecuritytester.com) that you can use as email self assessment tool, so you can discover where the holes and gaps are in your defenses. Once you know where they are you can do something about it. Don’t wait for someone else to discover it!

We are dedicated only to email security problems, and we are constantly updating our test with the latest tricks that we see in the wild, so you can effectively test your email security. The Test is non-intrusive and private, no client integration or installation is required. It’s completely safe and will not disrupt operations. Minimal details are required to begin the test, so low impact on resources. The test is free and there’s no obligation to buy anything.

Do test your email security now!