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Cisco’s SpamCop service: worldwide outage after its domain expired

Yesterday most of the mail administrators, organizations, and MSPs worldwide suddenly found that their mail was being rejected as it reported as being listed in the blacklist at bl.spamcop.net. SpamCop, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, provides a Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) that mail servers can use to determine if incoming mail should be marked as […]

Mimecast® for Microsoft 365™ hacked

A few days ago, Microsoft® informed that a Mimecast® for Microsoft 365™ certificate has been hacked and is being used against Mimecast’s customers. This certificate allows full administrative access to the Microsoft 365™ Exchange Web Services of some Mimecast’s customers, estimated to be around 10% of their global install base, who had configured the integration […]

Why it’s important to test your email security

The significance of email communication in the modern business world cannot be overstated – hundreds of email messages are sent and received daily by even the smallest companies, containing confidential and personal information such as clients’ data, competitive advantages, financial data or just private information. The global shift to remotely working culture due to the […]

Vote for us in the 2019 Computing Security Awards!

We’re delighted to announce we are finalists for 2 categories in this year’s Computing Security Awards, the industry’s most coveted awards! The categories we are shortlisted in are: Best Email Security Solution of the Year Best Anti-Phishing Solution of the Year The winners of the Computing Security Awards are decided by public vote, with voting […]

Outlook comments abused to deliver malware

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Office features are so nice and powerful that attract the attention of the bad guys, always trying new ways to get into your data. Getting an email to look good with Microsoft Outlook, with it’s terrible CSS support, can be difficult at the best of times, unless you take advantage […]

Deal Registration Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions, Benefits. The Libraesva Deal Registration Program is designed to make your business more profitable. When you register qualifying opportunities, the Libraesva Deal Registration Program can protect your investment in the sales process, and you may be eligible to 5% extra points of margin when closing new opportunities with Libraesva. It is our way […]

Ricatto sessuale: ecco i numeri del business

L’ultima moda messa a punto dai Cyber criminali è quella della frode online attraverso l’invio di email in cui lo sfortunato destinatario viene ricattato per aver visitato siti pornografici ed essere stato ripreso in atteggiamenti osè. Una mail breve, di solo testo, in cui si dice che è stato installato un programma trojan sul pc […]

Hackers Are Using MailChimp to Spread Malware

As most of you probably know MailChimp is a widely used and well respected email newsletter and marketing automation service. It’s not a news that hackers tend to focus on popular services, and that’s exactly what we noticed in at least two different Italian malware campaigns in the last week, where they jumped on MailChimp popularity […]