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Outlook comments abused to deliver malware

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Office features are so nice and powerful that attract the attention of the bad guys, always trying new ways to get into your data. Getting an email to look good with Microsoft Outlook, with it’s terrible CSS support, can be difficult at the best of times, unless you take advantage […]

Ricatto sessuale: ecco i numeri del business

L’ultima moda messa a punto dai Cyber criminali è quella della frode online attraverso l’invio di email in cui lo sfortunato destinatario viene ricattato per aver visitato siti pornografici ed essere stato ripreso in atteggiamenti osè. Una mail breve, di solo testo, in cui si dice che è stato installato un programma trojan sul pc […]

Hackers Are Using MailChimp to Spread Malware

As most of you probably know MailChimp is a widely used and well respected email newsletter and marketing automation service. It’s not a news that hackers tend to focus on popular services, and that’s exactly what we noticed in at least two different Italian malware campaigns in the last week, where they jumped on MailChimp popularity […]

Fresh phishing served with AES obfuscation

Obfuscated phishing sites are nothing new (on the same matter check this article Web obfuscation technique using invisible spans ) but the use of AES in an attempt to evade detection from automated detection tools like our URLSand Sandbox service, is not very common. Despite AES and encryption in general is not a newbie argument, I am […]

Spam volumes are increasing again

Almost everyone has heard about the takedown of many of the major spam botnets with a general decrease spam volumes in the last years. Well, spam traffic appears to once again be on the increase in this 2017. EsvaLabs statistics show a steady increase in spam reports since the beginning of the year with a record […]

Malware evades Sandbox, can security solutions catch up with it?

Yesterday evening, I was reading some security feeds and I came across a great blog article posted by @a_de_pasquale heading “New password Protected Macro Malware evades Sandbox and Infects the victims with Ursnif Malware!!” I do not want to annoy you with the malware specific architecture and working, if you wish you can read the […]

Libra Esva Shortlisted as Finalist at Coveted 2016 Computing Security Awards

We are proud to confirm that Libra Esva has been named as a finalist in the Anti-Spam Solution of the Year at the 2016 Computing Security Awards. The ceremony will take place at London’s Cumberland Hotel on October 13th, 2016. The Computing Security Awards champions the solutions and providers that help to keep organizations secure. Libra Esva already won […]

Libra Esva Demonstrated a Spam Catch Rate of 99.97%

Libra Esva Demonstrated a Spam Catch Rate of 99.97% The May 2016 test for spam blocking saw Libra Esva register a catch rate of 99.97%, with zero false positives! The consistent results and superior spam-blocking also saw the company receive another VBSpam+ award for exceptional performance. This earned the company a position in the Top 4 anti-spam products under […]