16th consecutive VBspam award for Libra Esva

Libra Srl is delighted to announce the impressive result that Libra Esva gained in the November edition of the prestigious Virus Bulletin test.

Libra Esva has been awarded with the 2nd absolute place, outperforming vbspam-smallmost competitors including industry giants like GFI, McAfee, Sophos and Symantec with an impressive spam catch rate of 99.95% and only one missed legitimate email out of 104.972 scanned emails!

This is Libra Esva‘ 16th consecutive Virus Bulletin award in as many tests, and confirms again product effectiveness and performances.

Libra Esva, first antispam solution worldwide awarded with a VBspam+ award in March 2012, proves a constant high performance in any situation; technical director of Virus Bullettin, Martin Grooten said:

What is more impressive is that this was achieved while barely compromising on the spam catch rate, which at 99.95%, was the second highest in the test. Difficult-to-filter spam is not a big problem for the virtual solution either.

Virus Bulletin staff tested Libra Esva anti spam along with 19 other antispam products from multiple countries for spam catch rates and false positive rates.