Clustering and Esvalabs, latest product news!

esvalabneroLibra Esva updates to version 2.8 with two main great features: active-active Clustering and the integration with Esvalabs!

High availability and fault tolerance are essential in modern enterprise and service provider networks. Libra Esva 2.8 clustering enables organizations to meet their high availability and fault tolerance requirements while also providing centralized management, scalability and data redundancy.

Geographical Clustering, quarantine consolidation across both nodes and load balancing give even more reliability to the solution.

Further information about Clustering feature are available here.

The second main new feature is called Esvalabs: at Esvalabs we study and research existing spam campaigns in real time, keeping focused even on emerging threats. We work everyday in a collaborative way with our customer base, researching through missed spam and false positives feedbacks that we receive at Esvalabs.

That way all installation will benefit from a single feedback through our hourly live update.

Spam and False Positives samples can be submitted to Esvalabs according to any of the following methods:

  • Directly from Libra Esva Web Administration
  • With any email client as RFC-2822 attachments (forward as attachment)
  • With Esvalabs Outlook Add-in

More information are available by downloading Esvalabs datasheet here.