Libra Esva 2.6 Released

Lecco, January 31st – 2012

Libra Esva has been updated!

New features:

  • Quarantine Digest Report email body now editable
  • Admin can disable user self editing of spam checks and score levels
  • Set multiple users Digest Report Schedule at one time!
  • In a multi-homed domain configuration, it is now possible to exclude one or more domains from Recipent Verification
  • New NTP Time Sync Option
  • Antispam engine enachements
  • Already released messages now removed from Digest Report
  • Released messages are now visually identified with a different color code
  • Quarantine retention period separate settings for disk and database logs
  • Secondary DNS option available via web interface
  • New auto_check scripts to monitor dns and maillog services


  • Security fix: learn as spam link only works if client is on trusted network
  • Valid Recipient list will be deleted if manually adding an existing entry
  • End User WhiteList/Blacklist edit/delete functions now works correctly
  • Database timestamp being modified by some quarantine actions
  • Better LDAP error handling
  • MCP Blocked messages cannot be released (getting blocked again on release)
  • Fixed Export funcitons. No more truncated strings to fit onine view.