Libra ESVA Integrates Avira to Improve Virus Protection


Lecco, 27th February 2013


Security expert Avira announced today that Libra, a global provider of enterprise-grade email security solutions, has licensed Avira’s SAVAPI anti-malware scanning engine to incorporate into Libra products.

With the scale and complexity of recent email threats, including spam, viruses, Trojans, phishing and malware attacks, Libra ESVA’s engineers determined that the traditional approach of having a single generic antivirus engine is no longer sufficient.

To combat this evolving threat, Libra’s engineers decided to integrate a second antivirus engine, and they found Avira to be the best vendor to provide it.

“We were looking at technology partners that could provide us with a rock solid industry leading antivirus technology while keeping full control over our customer experience, allowing to improve detection rate and reduce false positives,“ said Eng.Paolo Frizzi, CEO of Libra. “With the highest performance virus scanning in the industry, we chose Avira’s anti-virus technology to become a fully integrated layer of virus protection on our Libra ESVA email security appliances.”

During the scanning process, Libra ESVA analyzes each incoming message and file, identifies the type and then applies the relevant technique to ensure highest throughput and efficacy.

The integration of Avira’s scanning engine adds significant value to the ESVA product. With a per-domain integrated management and deployment, the solution offers ease of management with automatic updates and “set and forget” policies to address any customer specific requirements. Additionally, performing robust virus filtering at the gateway significantly reduces the resources needed at the groupware servers and the bandwidth requirements within the network.

Integrating Avira SAVAPI into Libra ESVA boosts product performance to the highest industry standards. Both products have been tested and awarded top ratings by Virus Bulletin in theirVBSPAM and VB100 tests, confirming their positions as some of the most powerful and accurate spam and virus protection products available.

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