Libra Esva Sets Records in the VBSpam Challenge

Results from latest Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam Challenge demonstrate that vbspam-0911Libra Esva is the only spam filter solution that has a solid performance in multiple tests over time, with an incredible record having come in second place for the fourth time in the last year!

With a 99.93 final score, Libra Esva outperformed hardware appliances, server applications and competing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Martijn Grooten, Technical Director at Virus Bullettin, stated that

Libra Esva’s record (having come in second place for the fourth time) is evidence of just how good a product it is. With no false positives and the fourth highest spam catch rate this month, the Italian product wins its ninth consecutive VBSpam award.

Again as a consequence of this performance Libra Esva earns the much coveted Virus Bulletin award and again receives strong independent endorsement for its highly effective and easy to use spam filtering solution.