Stellar performance by Libra Esva in VBspam test March Edition!

vbspam-plus-0313Stellar performance in the latest Virus Bullettin comparative test by Libra Esva!

Top ranking and VBSpam + award with a clear advantage over all other competitors and zero false positives!

Libra Esva joined the test three years ago, and since then has always achieved benchmark results, with consistency of performances that no other product has ever achieved!

The corpus contained 84,576 emails, 71,298 of which were part of the spam corpus; Libra Esva with a spam catch rate of 99.94% and zero false positives, missed only 44 unsolicited emails without blocking any legitimate email!

The Virus Bullettin is an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses and related malware. Libra Esva which for the purposes of this test runs as a virtual machine under VMware, outperformed all 19 global competitors.

Only one year ago SC Magazine Australia headlined with surprise:

Italian anti spam product trump giants!

Exactly one year later the article could not be more appropriate!

Martijn Grooten, technical director at Virus Bullettin said:

In this test, even with a more difficult ham corpus, the product achieved a clean sheet, including a lack of false positives amongst the newsletters.

Ing.Paolo Frizzi, CEO of Libra Esva, said:

It ‘s amazing what we were able to get even this time! The results of three years of testing have confirmed Libra Esva is a mature product that even the most optimistic forecasts could have imagined! Obviously I’m very proud of the work we have done.

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