Top Antispam Solution, Libra Esva al 99,98% !


This month Libra Esva was awarded with a VBSPAM+ award – the 4th in a row –  and a third consecutive 2nd place position in the overall rankings of the industry Virus Bullettin test!

An incredible Spam Catch Rate if 99.98% was the highest since joining the Virus Bulletin test group in late 2010.

The test ran for 13 days: from 12am on Saturday 21 December 2013 to 12am on Friday 3 January 2014. The corpus of emails sent during the test period consisted of 89,886 emails, 82,206 of which were spam. Libra Esva missed only 15 spam email without a single false positive!

Technical Director at Virus Bullettin Martijn Grooten said:

[…] there was little room for improvement for Libra Esva. Still, it managed to improve its performance just a tiny bit: with just 15 missed spam emails, all from the Project Honey Pot feed, it achieved a spam catch rate of 99.98%. 99.98 is also the product’s final score (the second highest this month), as the virtual solution didn’t miss a single legitimate email.

Libra Esva continues the positive series that since two years sees the product always between the first and the third position of the prestigious VBSpam test (read article).

Libra Esva CEO Ing.Paolo Frizzi, said:

I’d like to thank all guys from the development team for their hard work and commitment. It’s not easy to keep such a performance having as a reference giants like Symantec, Sophos, GFI e McAfee!