Entries by Jessica Farina

Libra Esva has been one of the best security solutions of 2016!

Ransomware is set to become an even worse problem in 2017. Choose Libra Esva to ensure your communications!   Relative to the last Virus Bulletin blog article, many experts believe that ransomware is set to become an even worse problem in 2017 than it was in 2016. A test of security products, performed in November/December 2016, […]

Libraesva becomes a member of the Clusit

Libraesva comes back office after Christmas Day with a fresh news: we proudly announce to be member of the Clusit, the Italian Association for Computing Security. After three consecutive nominations as the Best Antispam Solution and numerous VBSpam+ award, we have decided to sign this partnership and, so, to be included among the best Italian IT companies. Infact, […]

Libra Esva 4.1 preview

Libraesva is planning important entries for the next year. We would like to close this 2016 sharing with you a little preview of Libra Esva 4.1 release: Attachment sandbox analysis on the gateway DKIM Improved performance Better detection Colorful themes   Because we care about our customers and we aim to provide the best customized solution […]

Virus Bulletin: Spam Catch Rate of 99.96% for Libraesva

Libra Esva earned the third position in Sep 2016 rank, registering a catch rate of 99,96%, with zero false positives! With the last Virus Bulletin comparative review, the company proves the excellent spam-catching percentages reached since the first test partecipation, in 2010. Thanks to three different antivirus engines, Libraesva is able to block dangerous emails, preventing from […]

A whole protection with Libra Esva URL sandbox

Finally a complete protection for our customers who want to defend their system from malicious email URLs! Libraesva has released a new important feature, the UrlSandBox, an active defence against the worst spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits and ransomwares!   How does it work? Our solution re-writes every link in every email and points it to […]

Libra Esva: confirmed Antispam Solution of the Year!

We proudly announce that Libraesva, the Italian company that develops and provides advanced e-mail security solutions, has won the Computing Secutiry Awards as best Antispam Solution of the Year, for the third year in a row! We would like to thank all our supporters for voting the gateway ESVA for its high performance in protecting and analyzing the information […]