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Exploiting Fear as a Threat Actor

One of Libraesva’s Security Researchers recently discovered, along with other security vendors, targeted phishing and whaling campaigns all based around the Coronavirus outbreak, we don’t believe in playing on the fear, but its always good to see how these attacks work and why they work. Figure 1 shows the email in question we received and […]

What is an Evasion Technique?

What exactly are Evasion Techniques? Evasion techniques are what malicious payloads use to avoid detection from Sandboxing services, Malware authors have two priorities when creating malware, being silent and being deadly, getting as much as they can for as little effort as possible. We thought it’d be wise to talk about how effective these evasion […]

Five things admins forget when using Libraesva ESG

I get it, you’re a hot shot Libraesva ESG admin who knows everything about the system, but even the best of us make mistakes and forget the basics, even me! In a recent certification course we held in the UK we discovered some fairly obvious shortcomings in basic configuration and management of the solution that […]

What is the Libraesva QuickSand Sandbox

The Libraesva Quicksand Sandbox is a security service that protects the Libraesva customers from malicious active content in Microsoft Office and PDF Files. What is active content? Active content is any executable code embedded in a document, like macros, JavaScript code and ActiveX applications. Quicksand runs on our Email Security Gateway, for free, meaning that […]

Whaling, Business Email Compromise and CEO Fraud

Whaling, Business Email Compromise and CEO Fraud You’re probably familiar with Whaling and Phishing attacks by now, the simple fact that you either are a security professional or work in the cyber sector probably means you are actively facing this threat day in, day out. We at Libraesva fancy shedding a little light as to […]