Anti Spam Solution of the Year!

Anti-Spam-Solution-of-the-YearLibra Esva, has won Antispam Solution of the Year at the 2014 Computing Security Awards.

Libra Esva was the only italian company named finalist at the ceremony, where took part the best security players worldwide.

We are delighted to be recognised ‘Antispam Solution of the Year’. The Computing Security award is fantastic recognition for Libraesva and its email gateway Esva – Email Security Virtual Appliance and demonstrates that quality pays.

says Paolo Frizzi, CEO of the Italian company.

Our core purpose is to ensure our small and enterprise customers have the very best antispam gateway, support and services available while at the same time putting them in control of their security. We will continue in this direction, by doing the right thing for our customers, by working on quality and improving a solution with a daily commitment towards innovation in technology for business security.

The 2014 Computing Security Awards concluded with an awards ceremony on October 9th. The evening ceremony was held at the Hotel Russell in London’s Russell Square.

Also in October yet another VBspam Award! Libra Esva placed second in the latest comparative test by Virus Bulletin.

Martijn Grooten, technical director said:

Libra Esva missed just 37 spam emails. That’s fewer than all but one other solution – and almost all of those 37 emails were ones that other products had diffi culty with too. Apart from these, the product misclassifi ed a single newsletter (an offer from a Thai newspaper), but once again there were no false positives in the ham corpus for the Italian virtual solution.

Summer Time, Awards Time!

Summer time for everybody but not for Libra Esva!

In these days was published latest Virus Bulletin test with a lot of news: Martijn Grooten is the new VBspam Editor moreover all content is now free! What never changes in these years is Libra Esva performance: in the latest test has been awarded it’s 9th VBSPAM+, it’s 27th VBSPAM with a spam catch rate of 99,96%, zero false positives and an absolute second position!

Martijn Grooten said:

Only 47 spam emails were missed by Libra Esva in this test (fewer than all but one other product), each of which was missed by many other products as well. Alongside an impressive catch rate, there was a zero false positive rate for the Italian product in the ham corpus.

The full report can be downloaded here: HTML Version or PDF Version.

The second important news is that Libra Esva is one of the finalists in the Computing Security Awards, in the Antispam Category as Antispam Solution of the year!


In order to win the prestigious award we need the votes of all of you! Voting closes 30th September 2014. Please spend to minutes and vote for us at

Well, summer time for everybody but not for Libra Esva that continues to be positioned as top leading antispam solution!

Infosecurty 2014

Milan, April 2014 – Libraesva, the Italian leading provider of advanced email security solutions, announces the 64 bit version of the Virus Bulletin award winning Libra Esva email security appliance which has been developed to increase performance, flexibility and control. The new release will be presented for the first time at Infosecurity Europe 2014. Visitors at the stand will be able to see how the 64 bit kernel speeds up operations dramatically – boot time takes 50% less than 32 bit version, spam analysis improved about 40% – and discover how the wide-ranging user interface enhancements further improve the intuitive web UI and give quick access to system information and management features. In addition, a greater support to its ISP customer base through remote management comes from the introduction in Libra Esva v.3.3 of the built in RESTful API.

Libraesva will be showcasing its technology, with a focus on the more straightforward customization to spam policies which are also allowed by the Network Setup screen and Spam&Quarantine Settings pages. Paolo Frizzi, CEO&Founder of Libraesva, says:

We are delighted to be exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe 2014, and to be given the opportunity to showcase the latest offerings from our security-solutions portfolio. The 64 bit version of our Esva email security appliance signs a step forward in the support to companies of all dimensions willing to protect their data systems.

Libraesva will be exhibiting at Stand-M90 at Infosecurity Europe 2014.

Top Antispam Solution, Libra Esva al 99,98% !


This month Libra Esva was awarded with a VBSPAM+ award – the 4th in a row –  and a third consecutive 2nd place position in the overall rankings of the industry Virus Bullettin test!

An incredible Spam Catch Rate if 99.98% was the highest since joining the Virus Bulletin test group in late 2010.

The test ran for 13 days: from 12am on Saturday 21 December 2013 to 12am on Friday 3 January 2014. The corpus of emails sent during the test period consisted of 89,886 emails, 82,206 of which were spam. Libra Esva missed only 15 spam email without a single false positive!

Technical Director at Virus Bullettin Martijn Grooten said:

[…] there was little room for improvement for Libra Esva. Still, it managed to improve its performance just a tiny bit: with just 15 missed spam emails, all from the Project Honey Pot feed, it achieved a spam catch rate of 99.98%. 99.98 is also the product’s final score (the second highest this month), as the virtual solution didn’t miss a single legitimate email.

Libra Esva continues the positive series that since two years sees the product always between the first and the third position of the prestigious VBSpam test (read article).

Libra Esva CEO Ing.Paolo Frizzi, said:

I’d like to thank all guys from the development team for their hard work and commitment. It’s not easy to keep such a performance having as a reference giants like Symantec, Sophos, GFI e McAfee!


VBSpam: the past two years on the podium!

Lecco, August, 4th 2013

A few days ago was released the latest result of the prestigious test by Virus Bullettin, an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses, spam and related malware, andLibra Esva has been awarded yet another recognition by ranking third with a Spam Catch Rate of 99.94% and zero false positives, that have earned the third VBSPAM+ recognition.

Martijn Grooten, technical director at Virus Bulletiin, said:

Since joining the VBSpam tests back in 2010, Libra Esva has consistently ranked among the top performers. This test was no exception, as the Italian product achieved the third highest catch rate, the third highest final score and its third VBSpam+ award.

We then went to rebuild the performace of Libra Esva from the beginning of 2012 and it came out an absolutely amazing profile: in the last two years the product, compared with world giants leaders, it has been never off the podium!



The figure depicted in the chart is the incredible consistency of the product. Spam evolves, spam attacks adapt to new anti-spam technologies trying to get to their destination, and always be on top, has a meaning that goes far beyond the result of a single test!

Libra Esva, the italian solution compared with the giants worldwide, has now demonstrated with its performance over time deserving the title of top performer!

Below the latest VBSpam Quadrant of July:




Casa Vinicola Zonin and Libra ESVA: italian quality

Casa Vinicola Zonin, one of the most famous italian wine-producing companies andzonin also one of the foremost worlwide, choseLibra ESVA to protect more than 250+ email users from spam,virus, phishing, malware and other security threats.

Libra ESVA replaced the existing antispam product, as performances were not as expected, thought maintenance costs to always have an up to date solution. Since the first setup Libra ESVA demonstrated exceptional spam filtering capabilities, cutting down maintenance costs.

With Libra ESVA I was able to protect and maximize my VMware investment! The integration with our Lotus Notes was straight forward and saved a lot of time consuming configuration tasks!

With the previous antispam solution Casa Vinicola Zonin was experiencing a lot of false positives every day and the spam catch rate was not at the top.

Davide d’Acunzo ends with:

Beyond the impressive efficacy of Libra Esva, i want to mention the professional skills and real-time support received from Libra Esva team during the product startup, as an international value to the italian brand!

Stellar performance by Libra Esva in VBspam test March Edition!

vbspam-plus-0313Stellar performance in the latest Virus Bullettin comparative test by Libra Esva!

Top ranking and VBSpam + award with a clear advantage over all other competitors and zero false positives!

Libra Esva joined the test three years ago, and since then has always achieved benchmark results, with consistency of performances that no other product has ever achieved!

The corpus contained 84,576 emails, 71,298 of which were part of the spam corpus; Libra Esva with a spam catch rate of 99.94% and zero false positives, missed only 44 unsolicited emails without blocking any legitimate email!

The Virus Bullettin is an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses and related malware. Libra Esva which for the purposes of this test runs as a virtual machine under VMware, outperformed all 19 global competitors.

Only one year ago SC Magazine Australia headlined with surprise:

Italian anti spam product trump giants!

Exactly one year later the article could not be more appropriate!

Martijn Grooten, technical director at Virus Bullettin said:

In this test, even with a more difficult ham corpus, the product achieved a clean sheet, including a lack of false positives amongst the newsletters.

Ing.Paolo Frizzi, CEO of Libra Esva, said:

It ‘s amazing what we were able to get even this time! The results of three years of testing have confirmed Libra Esva is a mature product that even the most optimistic forecasts could have imagined! Obviously I’m very proud of the work we have done.

Download Report

Libra Esva 3.0 released!

Lecco, March 20th – 2013avira-antivirus

Libra Esva has been updated!

We are very excited to announce our version 3 of Libra Esva, that includes Avira Antivirus Engine following latest OEM agreement between Libra Esva and Avira GmbH.

New features:

  • Avira SAVAPI Antivirus Engine Option
  • SNMP Monitor now includes pass directive and IANA Private Enterprise Number for Libra Esva
  • New Message Delivery Information in Message Details
  • Installed unrar utility to look into RAR archives
  • New Antispam Action: Modify Email Subject
  • New Digest Report Setting: report url link for message action is now configurable. Report Https setting removed as can be indicated in the quarantine report url definition.
  • New Footer link to blacklist sender from within an email message directly
  • New Outgoing/Incoming Queue manager that allows single message actions


  • Spamassassin rules description fix (Run SA Rules Update from Tools menu)
  • LDAP Users can now be defined as Admins and Domain Admins
  • Domain Add,Edit and Delete Bug Fixed
  • Removed two hard coded filename rules getting into FPs often
  • Fixed release of clean messages with blocked attachement
  • Postfix Dynamic Verification Reject code modified to 550
  • Disabled Gerylisting throttling
  • Fixed annoying bug in TinyMCE where host url were removed in links
  • Fixed license upload bug introduced with version 2.9 Fix Clamav mirror update problem
  • Fixed Forgot your password link in IE and Firefox
  • Fixed user shell action to restore broken certificates

Libra ESVA Integrates Avira to Improve Virus Protection


Lecco, 27th February 2013


Security expert Avira announced today that Libra, a global provider of enterprise-grade email security solutions, has licensed Avira’s SAVAPI anti-malware scanning engine to incorporate into Libra products.

With the scale and complexity of recent email threats, including spam, viruses, Trojans, phishing and malware attacks, Libra ESVA’s engineers determined that the traditional approach of having a single generic antivirus engine is no longer sufficient.

To combat this evolving threat, Libra’s engineers decided to integrate a second antivirus engine, and they found Avira to be the best vendor to provide it.

“We were looking at technology partners that could provide us with a rock solid industry leading antivirus technology while keeping full control over our customer experience, allowing to improve detection rate and reduce false positives,“ said Eng.Paolo Frizzi, CEO of Libra. “With the highest performance virus scanning in the industry, we chose Avira’s anti-virus technology to become a fully integrated layer of virus protection on our Libra ESVA email security appliances.”

During the scanning process, Libra ESVA analyzes each incoming message and file, identifies the type and then applies the relevant technique to ensure highest throughput and efficacy.

The integration of Avira’s scanning engine adds significant value to the ESVA product. With a per-domain integrated management and deployment, the solution offers ease of management with automatic updates and “set and forget” policies to address any customer specific requirements. Additionally, performing robust virus filtering at the gateway significantly reduces the resources needed at the groupware servers and the bandwidth requirements within the network.

Integrating Avira SAVAPI into Libra ESVA boosts product performance to the highest industry standards. Both products have been tested and awarded top ratings by Virus Bulletin in theirVBSPAM and VB100 tests, confirming their positions as some of the most powerful and accurate spam and virus protection products available.

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16th consecutive VBspam award for Libra Esva

Libra Srl is delighted to announce the impressive result that Libra Esva gained in the November edition of the prestigious Virus Bulletin test.

Libra Esva has been awarded with the 2nd absolute place, outperforming vbspam-smallmost competitors including industry giants like GFI, McAfee, Sophos and Symantec with an impressive spam catch rate of 99.95% and only one missed legitimate email out of 104.972 scanned emails!

This is Libra Esva‘ 16th consecutive Virus Bulletin award in as many tests, and confirms again product effectiveness and performances.

Libra Esva, first antispam solution worldwide awarded with a VBspam+ award in March 2012, proves a constant high performance in any situation; technical director of Virus Bullettin, Martin Grooten said:

What is more impressive is that this was achieved while barely compromising on the spam catch rate, which at 99.95%, was the second highest in the test. Difficult-to-filter spam is not a big problem for the virtual solution either.

Virus Bulletin staff tested Libra Esva anti spam along with 19 other antispam products from multiple countries for spam catch rates and false positive rates.