First official UK event for Libraesva after the agreement signed with Emeiatec

First official occasion for the Italian company in the UK market, after the agreement with Emeiatec, the IT security services and solutions distributor, that includes, among its partners, the American giant iBoss.

From January 25th to 28th, Libraesva took part at BETT Show, at the stand of its new British partner. The renowned exhibition, based in London Excel, focuses on the education sector and would like to improve the world of the education, bringing togheter people, ideas, solutions and various technologies, in order to create a better future!

The collaboration is part of the internationalization strategy of the Italian company, leading provider of advanced email security solutions, that decided to target its investments towards the foreign market, with particular reference to the British one, where there are many international corporate realities.

The exhibition was an important opportunity to get in touch with the UK market and demonstrate that the email content gateway ESVA – Email Security Virtual Appliance – is the best solution for schools and universities, because of it easy to install, easy to manage and because of its high efficacy!

Libra Esva has been one of the best security solutions of 2016!

Ransomware is set to become an even worse problem in 2017. Choose Libra Esva to ensure your communications!


Relative to the last Virus Bulletin blog article, many experts believe that ransomware is set to become an even worse problem in 2017 than it was in 2016.

A test of security products, performed in November/December 2016, showed that at least 199 out of every 200 emails with a malicious attachment were blocked by email security solutions (or spam filters).

The test was run over a 19-days period, during which different malicious spam campaigns were seen, with the typical attachment being a malware downloader that would most likely have led to ransomware.

The test, which was part of VBSpam series, also looked at how well solutions blocked spam in general and how well they managed to avoid false positives.

Libra Esva positioned itsfelf as one of the six email security solutions that reached the standard required to earn a VBSpam+ award and confirmed itself as one of the best solutions of the year!


Libraesva becomes a member of the Clusit

Libraesva comes back office after Christmas Day with a fresh news: we proudly announce to be member of the Clusit, the Italian Association for Computing Security.

After three consecutive nominations as the Best Antispam Solution and numerous VBSpam+ award, we have decided to sign this partnership and, so, to be included among the best Italian IT companies.

Infact, thanks to the guaranteed protection against advanced spear-phishing, spam, ransomware, to the flexible deployment options and the granular reporting features, Libraesva gets in position as the Italian leading provider of advanced email security solutions.






Libra Esva 4.1 preview

Libraesva is planning important entries for the next year.

We would like to close this 2016 sharing with you a little preview of Libra Esva 4.1 release:

  1. Attachment sandbox analysis on the gateway
  2. DKIM
  3. Improved performance
  4. Better detection
  5. Colorful themes



Because we care about our customers and we aim to provide the best customized solution ever!

Stay tuned and be ready to welcome all these improvements!

Virus Bulletin: Spam Catch Rate of 99.96% for Libraesva

Libra Esva earned the third position in Sep 2016 rank, registering a catch rate of 99,96%, with zero false positives!

With the last Virus Bulletin comparative review, the company proves the excellent spam-catching percentages reached since the first test partecipation, in 2010.immagine

Thanks to three different antivirus engines, Libraesva is able to block dangerous emails, preventing from being downloaded and delivered to end users.

CEO, Paolo Frizzi, proudly reconfirms his satisfaction for this new VBSpam+ award, poiting out that Virus Bulletin test results can be trusted as they include some of the email security industry’s most rigorous tests.

A whole protection with Libra Esva URL sandbox

Finally a complete protection for our customers who want to defend their system from malicious email URLs!

Libraesva has released a new important feature, the UrlSandBox, an active defence against the worst spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits and ransomwares!


How does it work?

Our solution re-writes every link in every email and points it to Libra Esva cloud sandbox for the content analysis: if it is a good URL, you will be redirect to the original site; if it is dangerous, the sandbox will block the page, alerting you about the risks.

But the real new point is that Libra Esva SandBox continually works, analyzing the dangerous link, even those already categorized as ‘good’, before to reaching the target site.


What are you waiting for?

Our Sandbox is available for all customers and it is included in every standard subscription, it is compatible with every operating stystem, without extra costs!

Libra Esva: confirmed Antispam Solution of the Year!

We proudly announce that Libraesva, the Italian company that develops and provides advanced e-mail security solutions, has won the Computing Secutiry Awards as best Antispam Solution of the Year, for the third year in a row!


We would like to thank all our supporters for voting the gateway ESVA for its high performance in protecting and analyzing the information contained in corporate networks, among the many data security solutions.  

The UK contest came in two parts. There were first round nominations, from which 6 to 8 finalists from each category were selected. Once finalists had been announced, the real and serious voting began in the final ceremony which took place in London on October 13th 2016.

During this important night, ESVA was declared the best Antispam Solution of 2016. Despite being up against some larger competitors, Libraesva was able to emerge on top in the IT world once again, demonstrating its strength and excellence in the decrease of cyber-attacks in corporate communications and its easy integration. 

Above all, we are most grateful to our big customer base who opted for ESVA for another year, proving that often smaller and less well-known companies can win!

Libra Esva Shortlisted as Finalist at Coveted 2016 Computing Security Awards

We are proud to confirm that Libra Esva has been named as a finalist in the Anti-Spam Solution of the Year at the 2016 Computing Security Awards. The ceremony will take place at London’s Cumberland Hotel on October 13th, 2016.

The Computing Security Awards champions the solutions and providers that help to keep organizations secure. Libra Esva already won the two previous edition of this prestigious award, yet we are keen to be the first to win three awards in a row!


Voting closes 5th October 2016, please spare two minutes and vote for us at:

Libra Esva Demonstrated a Spam Catch Rate of 99.97%

Libra Esva Demonstrated a Spam Catch Rate of 99.97%

The May 2016 test for spam blocking saw Libra Esva register a catch rate of 99.97%, with zero false positives! The consistent results and superior spam-blocking also saw the company receive another VBSpam+ award for exceptional performance. This earned the company a position in the Top 4 anti-spam products under test. The spam-catching percentages achieved over the past months have also been always at the top, with the highest rating being 99.99% (March 2016.)

CEO of Libraesva, Paolo Frizzi, was proud of the high ranking and spoke of the importance of having an independent third party conduct performance tests. He pointed out that the Virus Bulletin test results can be trusted as they have no bias. Organizations looking to deploy an anti-spam solution can therefore rely on the results and choose accordingly. Companies already using anti-spam software can also view the results to assess how well their chosen product fares against the competition.

An anti-spam solution must be effective, as any spam emails that get past the filter could potentially result in a phishing email being delivered to an employee. The high catch rate shows the quality of the product that uses not one but up to three different anti-virus engines to ensure dangerous emails prevented from being downloaded and delivered to end users.

Libraesva is a Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner!

Libraesva has received the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe award. Red Herring is leading US-based media entity in the field technology and innovation. Red Herring is perhaps best known for its annual Top 100 listings in Europe, North America and Asia. These listings have grown to be highly sought-after and prestigious within innovative growth companies around the world.

Red-herring-AwardThe Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of hundreds of applicants from across Europe. The applicants were first narrowed down to a shortlist of almost 300 finalist companies of which the winners were picked from.

The nominees are evaluated on 20 main quantitative and qualitative criterion: they include disruptive impact, market footprint, proof of concept, financial performance, technology innovation, social value, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

This unique assessment of potential is complemented by a review of the actual track record and standing of a company, which allows Red Herring to see past the “buzz” and make the list a valuable instrument for discovering and advocating the greatest business opportunities in the industry. You can read more about the evaluation criterion on Red Herring’s website.

The award ceremony was held in Amsterdam during the Red Herring Europe forum event on April 13th. At the ceremony, Red Herring revealed the list of the 100 winners representing the most innovative and promising growth companies in the tech field. Libraesva had the privilege of being included in this prestigious list. Libraesva’ CEO Paolo Frizzi was thrilled and honored to receive the award as recognition to his and the whole company’s hard work and success.